How to Add reddit Buttons to WordPress

reddit, like Digg offers web site integration buttons for webmasters. The implementation of the reddit buttons is very similar to my previous post on how to add Digg buttons to WordPress. In my next post, I will show you how to display Digg and reddit voting buttons to… Read more…

How to Add Digg Buttons to WordPress

On’s Tools/Integrate page, there are 3 types of Digg buttons available for us to display on our web sites:

“Digg This” with Submit Capability
Simple “Digg This” with Digg Count (original version)
Custom Submission-Only Button

I think the 1st option makes the most sense. I want a Digg… Read more…

The Best Search Arbitrage Traffic Sources’s blog is a really good place to find out more about PPC arbitrage. Too many people think of only Google AdSense arbitrage when Google is clearly making it hard for this to work on their search engine. Some people are making a good living from SearchAnyway and it could… Read more…

Are You Ignoring the Long Tail of Your Product Line?

Forget about the selling just 20% of your products that bring in 80% of your sales. Keep selling the other 80% of your products because they still can make a lot of money is what Chris Anderson is trying to tell you in his book, The Long Tail.

I… Read more…

The Long Tail Review

The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business is Selling Less of More” has been out since 2006 and there is even a new revised version that was released some time this year. I should have read it earlier but I didn’t think I needed it 2 years ago.

The… Read more…

Anyone Rememer NetAudioAds / Voice2Page?

NetAudioAds / Voice2Page is probably a scam. People have been waiting for ages for the so-called “BPA Audit” to be finalized. The last post at the official NetAudioAds blog was on the 29th of July 2008. Charles Heflin’s blog was last posted on the 8th of May 2008. These guys… Read more…

WordPress CSS

I was wrong about the WordPress CSS stuff being hidden. I actually found the official WordPress documentation on the WordPress picture alignment.

Apart from the code I mention, WordPress recommends adding this to your style.css too:


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PPC Search Arbitrage with SearchAnyway

I first learnt about SearchAnyway after reading Google Payload, which is a rubbish eBook if you ask me. I won’t bother with the details of the eBook but most of the tips in the eBook will most likely get you banned with SearchAnyway.

SearchAnyway does not allow traffic from some… Read more…

John Jonas on How To Replace Yourself by Outsourcing Your Work

I think John Jonas and I must have been reading the same books. I have read the E-Myth and I am reading the 4-Hour Work Week. I love these books as they are teaching me to free up my life to do the things I want to do. However, I… Read more…

Automated Social Networking Updates

I have not caught on the social networking hype of registering on sites like Twitter. I did not want to waste my time on things like Twitter because I am not a person who likes to check out what’s the latest news about other people except for my favourite… Read more…

How to Fix the “Exclude Pages from List” WordPress Bug

This is another annoying WordPress bug I discovered about 4 months ago. I posted this bug on the WordPress support forum but the WordPress team have not fixed it yet. This “exclude pages from list” bug only affects you if you use WordPress pages with sub pages. WordPress… Read more…

How to Fix the “Category Not Updated” Bug in WordPress

WordPress refuses to update your post category if you have a tag slug and post category slug with the same name. You have to make some sacrifices here until WordPress fixes this limitation. Here are some probably solutions for this:

Edit the category slug to a different name

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The Truth About Importing Blogger Blogs To WordPress

The official instructions on how to import blogger blogs to WordPress is way too simplistic – Go to “Manage” -> “Import” -> “Blogger” and follow the instructions. Been there, done that and I can tell you isn’t that simple.

After you have imported your posts, you might need to… Read more…

How to Upload Pictures in WordPress

1. Click on the “Add an Image” icon at the top right of the “Post” box.

WordPress shoud simply create a button for this instead of adding it to the top right in my opinion.

2. Choose file to upload or enter the URL of the picture

For… Read more…

WordPress Picture Alignment Secrets

This picture is aligned to the left of my content. Usually we display pictures to the left or right and have our sentences wrap around it. Try to make your paragraphs longer or reduce the size of the picture to make it look good when wrapped around the text.Read more…