TweetLater Review

I just started using TweetLater and I think it is a wonderful tool to automate the following of your new Twitter followers, sending of welcome messages to your new Twitter followers and schedule future Twitter posts.

Integrating Your Twitter Account with TweetLater

After you create a TweetLater account, add… Read more…

WordPress 2.6.5 is Released

WordPress jumped from version 2.6.3 to 2.6.5. Version 2.6.4 does not exist because there was a fake version of it. The WordPress 2.6.5 update is pretty easy. We only have 5 files to replace:


Gotta love these tiny updates!

Display Gravatar Avatars on Your Web Site

In my tutorial on how to display twitter status messages in WordPress, I used my own avatar picture beside the speech bubble. I have not found a way to retrieve my Twitter avatar from Twitter. Hopefully, I will figure out how to do it in the near future.

An… Read more…

Getting Geared Up for WordPress 2.7

Aaron Brazell wrote a great post about the 10 Things You Need To Know About WordPress 2.7. I am really looking forward to this new version because of the threaded comments, easy WordPress plugin upgrade features and the new admin layout.

My biggest problem with WordPress at the moment… Read more…

Lots of Free Traffic with Twitter + Digg + Newsletter

Yesterday, Sitepoint gave away a free CSS eBook with a very smart combination of Twitter, Digg and their newsletter. It is such a wonderful way to get a lot of followers on Twitter, lots of Diggs on Diggs and a lot of free traffic to their web site.

Here’s how… Read more…

Free Twitter for Business Webcast

This is a free Twitter for business webcast by: Sarah Milstein from O’Reilly that covers the following tips for using Twitter:

Best practices for micro-messaging in business
Pitfalls to avoid in this instant, very public medium
New methods for customer service and quick market research
How micro-messaging

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The Top 3 Google AdSense Ad Units

In Google’s Optimisation Essentials (Part I), Google’s top 3 AdSense Ad Units are:

300×250 medium rectangle
728×90 leaderboard
160×600 skyscraper

My personal favourite is the 300×250 medium rectangle. There has been some controversy over placing the medium rectangle below the blog titles. I have been doing it for years… Read more…

Straight From Google’s Mouth: Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide

Google recently released a PDF guide on what they consider to be good search engine optimization for their search engine. Trust Google over the “SEO gurus”….

Some of the information includes:

improving title and description meta tags
URL structure
site navigation
content creation
anchor text

This PDF guide confirms… Read more…

How to Pick Up Followers on Twitter

Guy Kawasaki recently plosted an article on his blog on how to get lots of followers on Twitter. I like Guy’s books and I have 4 of them – Selling the Dream, How to Drive Your Competition Crazy, Rules for Revolutionaries and another book on creating customer evangelists he… Read more…

Pop Overs are Better than Peel Away Ads for Newsletter Opt-Ins

I have been testing Popup Picker on my web sites. I tested peel away ads for one of my sites and it did not turn out very well for newsletter opt-ins. I think peel away ads are more suitable for special discount ads. I switched to pop… Read more…

How to Display Your Twitter Status Message in a Speech Bubble in WordPress

I got my idea from Tim Ferris’ blog…

You see that nice speech bubble effect? It is actually quite a pain in the neck to create with pure CSS and images. It is possible to create it with pure CSS code in Firefox but not in Internet Explorer.… Read more…

Why the Default WordPress Static Front Page Feature Sucks

According to the official documentation on static front pages at

With the release of WordPress Version 2.1, the option to set your own front page can be accomplished via your Administration > Settings > Reading panel. However unlike the old explanation that follows, you must NOT name your… Read more…

Fix the WordPress Missing Page Template Bug

Sometimes the “Page Template” field disappears when you are trying to update the page template of your WordPress pages. This usually happens after you have upgraded your WordPress to a newer version.

Here’s how you can fix the missing page template…

Step 1: Activate Another WordPress Theme

I… Read more…

Enhancing WordPress Comments with Disqus, IntenseDebate or JS-Kit?

Image via CrunchBase

There are a couple of WordPress Comments enhancements in the market. However, I am not rushing to install Disqus, IntenseDebate or JS-Kit any time soon.

If I plan to install one of them,… Read more…

Is Social Networking Useless for Small Businesses?

So I signed up for Twitter… I also registered an account at to post to my Twitter and Facebook profiles from 1 place. I am very new to Twitter and I am exploring what I can do with it. I deleted my Hi5, MySpace and… Read more…