How to Create a jQuery Slide Gallery with WordPress Posts

This is a tutorial to replace my old tutorial on how to add SmoothGallery to WordPress. The principles of adding SmoothGallery and a jQuery slide gallery are almost the same. I’ve did some research and found what I consider to be an excellent slide gallery jQuery plugin.

Introducing, the… Read more…

4 Pop Over WordPress Plugins

To me, a pop over window is essential for getting new subscribers to your newsletter. I have found 4 WordPress plugins that allow you to add a pop over into WordPress with relative ease.

1. OptinPop

This is a free WordPress plugin that creates a pop over window from… Read more…

Include the Latest Version of jQuery in WordPress without Duplicates

At the time of this posting, WordPress 2.9.2 uses jQuery 1.3.2 but the latest version is 1.4.2. I wanted to use the latest version because it is supposedly about 3 times as fast as 1.3.2 as reported on the jQuery 1.4.2 release notes.

jQuery is automatically included in WordPress… Read more…

How to Split Test Your Pop Over Window in WordPress

I installed the OptinPop plugin to create pop over windows for my newsletter opt-ins. I wanted to measure the effectiveness of my pop over window’s ability to get people to sign up for my newsletter. Since I have been using Dynatracker to track the number of people who click… Read more…

jQuery or MooTools in WordPress?

I have recently ditched the MooTools Javascript library in favour of the jQuery Javascript library. What that means is I have removed the MooTabs and SmoothGallery from this web site and replaced them with jQuery scripts instead.

My reasons for giving up MooTools…

WordPress uses the jQuery Javascript

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How to Speed Up WordPress Part 1: Plugins

I recently made some changes to my web site to try to speed up the loading time of my pages. After installing loads of WordPress plugins and other social networking widgets, my web site loading time became rather slow because of all the extra CSS and Javascript code that came… Read more…

How to Make WordPress Search Engine Friendly

I am very happy to announce the release of my free eBook, How to Make WordPress Search Engine Friendly. This eBook is a compilation of all the WordPress SEO tips that I have learnt over the years and I did not hold anything back.

In this eBook, you will learn…… Read more…

How to Create eCovers Without Hiring a Designer

I recently found a fantastic stock photo and design resource at I purchase the Smart 3D Package Box for only USD $3.00! I deposited USD $20.00 into my account and bought some other marketing graphics from too.

Here’s a small preview of the wonderful… Read more…

How to Install and Configure a Web Server on Your Windows PC

I just completed my eBook on how to set up a web server on Windows. This works with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Here’s the table of contents of the eBook:

Chapter 1: First Things First

Download XAMMP for Windows
Download ionCube Loader for Windows
Download the Free

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Free Bonus: Maverick Twitter Background Switcher

As promised in one of my previous posts, I am giving away my Twitter background switching script to you for free.

I’ve got a live example running on my web site right now!

To test it, visit my Twitter profile at and check out my Twitter background.… Read more…

Video: How to Squeeze More Keywords from Google

This is the first video of the Maverick Keyword Researcher. There isn’t any audio in the video yet but I will add them once I have recorded some audio and created a loopable background music. I didn’t want to wait till everything was “perfect” before releasing this video.

The 5-in-1Read more…

Maverick Keyword Researcher Public Beta

I am happy to announce the public beta of the Maverick Keyword Researcher.

You should see a pop over window when you enter this site asking you to join the public beta. Simply enter your first name and email address to sign up for our beta program.

What is theRead more…

Maverick Keyword Researcher Private Beta

After 10 months of development, I am finally ready to unleash the Maverick Keyword Researcher to the world. I will be starting a private beta to the subscribers of my old newsletter and to some friends.

I have also completed the user guide for this application and I hope to… Read more…

Maverick Keyword Researcher Preview 9 – Minor Obstacles

I have experienced some obstacles in finalizing the Maverick Keyword Researcher because of the changes made to Google’s search engine.

The only official way of getting data from Google is through their APIs. I wish I could get all the data I need from the APIs but unfortunately, that is… Read more… has been Merged with this Blog

If you have reached this blog post, chances are you were redirected from via a 301 redirect. I have decided to close my internet marketing blog,, after 5 years due to the following reasons:

Google de-indexed for some unknown reason and I could not get it

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