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Metta Cats – For the Love of Cats

I just took on a project to revamp the Metta Cats’ web site.

Metta Cats is an animal welfare group in Singapore. They are a small group of loving and compassionate people who take in stray cats and dogs and try to find them new homes.

They used to have… Read more…

Maverick Keyword Researcher Preview – Google AdWords API

I have successfully integrated the Google AdWords API into the Maverick Keyword Researcher. In my previous post, I revealed my reasons for wanting to include the Google AdWords API.

In short, the Google AdWords API offers a couple of benefits:

Faster keyword data queries.

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Maverick Keyword Researcher Preview – November 2010

I am glad I have not launched the Maverick Keyword Researcher because some of the Google keyword data from Google AdWords is not working any more.

This is because Google AdWords recently introduced a new Google AdWords Keyword Tool and I have to update my source code to adapt to… Read more…

Maverick Keyword Researcher Preview – August 2010

I made some updates to the Maverick Keyword Researcher in August but I didn’t post an update on the blog because I was recovering from corrective jaw surgery.

5 New Keyword Sources

Google Sets
Google Trends
Google Wonder Wheel
Yahoo Buzz
Yahoo Buzz Index

I added a couple more… Read more…

Web Site Redesign Part 3 – HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP

I have completed most of the coding work for my web site’s redesign and you are looking at it right now. I decided to upload whatever I have at the moment instead of waiting for everything to be perfect.

I didn’t have to edit too much of my code except… Read more…

Web Site Redesign Part 2 – Design Finalised

I think I am done with the web site’s design. I created a set of blue buttons for my web site and they are about the same size as the default form buttons. I also created the templates for the product shots and web site screen shots… Read more…

Web Site Redesign Part 1 – Wireframes & Photoshop

Before I finalised the new design of this web site, I spent some time making some sketches on paper. These sketches are called wireframes in web design terminology. They can also be done in software but I prefer to use pencil and paper.… Read more…

I Just Got a Revamp and So is This Web Site

I had a corrective jaw surgery to correct my misaligned jaws 4 weeks ago. I created a web site to document my process of correcting my jaws on my new web site, Vince’s Maxillofacial Surgery. I think I look pretty okay at the moment but during the… Read more…

Maverick Keyword Researcher Preview – July 2010

It has been some time since I have posted updates of the Maverick Keyword Researcher’s progress. I have been upgrading and fixing some bugs on it in the last few weeks. I have implemented some ideas that I got from the beta testers. As a result of the feedback I… Read more…

How to Make WordPress Search Engine Friendly

I am very happy to announce the release of my free eBook, How to Make WordPress Search Engine Friendly. This eBook is a compilation of all the WordPress SEO tips that I have learnt over the years and I did not hold anything back.

In this eBook, you will learn…… Read more…

How to Install and Configure a Web Server on Your Windows PC

I just completed my eBook on how to set up a web server on Windows. This works with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Here’s the table of contents of the eBook:

Chapter 1: First Things First

Download XAMMP for Windows
Download ionCube Loader for Windows
Download the Free

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Free Bonus: Maverick Twitter Background Switcher

As promised in one of my previous posts, I am giving away my Twitter background switching script to you for free.

I’ve got a live example running on my web site right now!

To test it, visit my Twitter profile at and check out my… Read more…

Video: How to Squeeze More Keywords from Google

This is the first video of the Maverick Keyword Researcher. There isn’t any audio in the video yet but I will add them once I have recorded some audio and created a loopable background music. I didn’t want to wait till everything was “perfect” before releasing this video.

The 5-in-1Read more…

Maverick Keyword Researcher Public Beta

I am happy to announce the public beta of the Maverick Keyword Researcher.

You should see a pop over window when you enter this site asking you to join the public beta. Simply enter your first name and email address to sign up for our beta program.

What is theRead more…

Maverick Keyword Researcher Private Beta

After 10 months of development, I am finally ready to unleash the Maverick Keyword Researcher to the world. I will be starting a private beta to the subscribers of my old newsletter and to some friends.

I have also completed the user guide for this application and I hope to… Read more…

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