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Maverick Keyword Researcher Preview 9 – Minor Obstacles

I have experienced some obstacles in finalizing the Maverick Keyword Researcher because of the changes made to Google’s search engine.

The only official way of getting data from Google is through their APIs. I wish I could get all the data I need from the APIs but unfortunately, that is not the case. Even if I could get the data I want, it may not be accurate once I verify it with a manual search on Google.com.

Number of Google AdWords Ads

I used to get the number of Google AdWords ads from the “More Sponsored Links” page but it has been closed by Google due to low usage. Please check out what happened to the “More Sponsored Links” page.

What that means is I need to try to get the number of ads another way. The Google AdWords API will not give me the number of ads as a specific number. Instead, it returns me a horizontal scale as an estimate of the number of ads of a particular keyword.

Number of Google Search Results

For example, the Google AJAX API does not return an accurate figure for the number of searches of a keyword. I had no choice but to Google scrape the number of searches from the Google search pages.

Google AdWords Average CPC, Monthly Searches & Competition

To get the number of searches and average CPC from Google, the only official way is to use the Google AdWords API, which isn’t free to use. It costs USD $0.25 per 1000 Google AdWords requests. Each keyword phrase requres 1 Google AdWords API request so it is still relatively cheap and fast to use the API.

Although we can Google scrape the Google AdWords External Keyword Tool to get the results, it can only take about 200 requests before blocking you out.

I will have to create a standalone keyword application to access the Google AdWords API because the terms and conditions do not allow my application to “Google scrape” and they will conduct regular audits on my application to make sure I comply with their rules. What that means is that we may have a separate product just to access the Google AdWords API to retrieve the Google AdWords CPC, monthly searches, competition and keyword ideas.

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