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Maverick Keyword Researcher Preview 3

I have completed the theme features previously mentioned in my previous post about the development progress of the Maverick Keyword Researcher.

I recently stumbled upon Alibaba’s top lists – Alibaba’s Latest Sourcing Trends and Alibaba’s Trade Trends. These 2 lists will be added to the Maverick Keyword Researcher too.

The themes system allows you to create as many custom themes as you wish. There 15 menus to choose from, 3 logos with 3 different colours to match the background colour of your theme. You may upload as many background images as you want. The best backgrounds are wide-screen wallpapers.

This is taking longer than expected because I wanted to get the themes part right so that all my future products may use this framework to save me lots of time in the future. Check out the screen shots below to see how the themes work in all it’s glory.

Maverick Keywords Reseacher Themes

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