Keywords Analyzer Review

I am writing this short review of this old keyword research software as a series of keyword software reviews. Most of these keyword research software are crappy because they do not provide you with accurate statistics from Google or they do not give you all the data you want.

You need a Google AdWords account to retrieve’s statistics. You would assume that the information you get from the software would be similar to what you would get if you check it out at Google AdWords, right? Unfortunately, there is a bug with Keywords Analyzer 7.68, which is the latest version at the time of this post. This software has been around for quite a few years and it is disappointing that it still has bugs like this.

For this example, I did a search on the keyword “acuvue”, in quotes for Google’s phrase matching. Keywords Analyzer gave me 550000 searches and 791000 search results. This made the KEI extremely high. There is something seriously wrong here.

I did a check for the keyword at the Google AdWords keyword tool. What I found was the monthly search count for the phrase match of “acuvue” was only 301000. Keywords Analyzer‘s stats must be wrong. I sent a support ticket to the author of the software he said, “At this point KA does not keep track where the data was downloaded so it doesn”t know whether it needs to multiply by 30 or not”.

Wow! You don’t know where the data was downloaded from? I thought I selected Google and entered my Google AdWords account information.

Another problem with this software is it does not display the CPC prices of the keywords in the main window. You need to click on another button to get the CPC prices of the keywords. You cannot compare and sort the keywords by CPC and that is frustrating for me.

Keywords Analyzer seems like a great software if you do some PPC arbitrage. You may scan for the CPC prices from some PPC search engines to find potential keywords to bid on. Other than, you may use a few other keyword sources for your searches.


Save your money. There should be better keyword research software.

Keywords Analyzer Review

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