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How to Sign Contracts Online with EchoSign without Faxing or Paper

Aaron's VictoryEchoSign is a very popular electronic signature service. I have been using EchoSign to sign contracts between myself and my freelancers. I am using the free version, which allows me to sign 5 documents per month. According to a news report, 67.4% of Fortune 500 companies are using EchoSign.

EchoSign lets me create custom forms with PDF documents. I created forms in OpenOffice and exported the documents into PDF format with a few blanks for me and the recipient to fill in.

You save money by not wasting money on ink, paper and telephone charges. You save time by not wasting time on writing, scanning, faxing and waiting a long time for your recipient to sign and fax the contract back to you.

Although I use EchoSign to eliminate faxing, you may still use a fax with EchoSign. In fact, you may even integrate EchoSign with eFax. EchoSign recently released version 4 of their service with a lot of new features.

I highly recommend EchoSign to everyone who needs to have contracts signed quickly and easily.

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