"If you can get along with everyone and everyone loves you, then you don't stand for much. A person who stands his ground for his principles and won't compromise his integrity is not loved by everyone."
- Larry Winget

How to Pick Up Followers on Twitter

Guy Kawasaki recently plosted an article on his blog on how to get lots of followers on Twitter. I like Guy’s books and I have 4 of them – Selling the Dream, How to Drive Your Competition Crazy, Rules for Revolutionaries and another book on creating customer evangelists he co-authored with someone else. I highly recommend his books.

Automatic Twitter Follow Tools

At the moment, I am very keen on testing Twitter tools that can automate the following of people have chosen to follow me on Twitter. I know of 2 services that do this:

Advanced Twitter Search Tools

Automatic Blog Post Posters to Twitter

Before You Proceed….

Please read Twitter’s rules on what they consider to be spam! I have seen a few banned Twitter when I tried to follow them back after they had followed me.

In a nutshell, spam on Twitter means:

  • Commercial or promotional use of Twitter
  • Following other accounts in order to gain attention to your account or links therein
  • Creating a series of accounts in order to promote the same thing
  • Sending large numbers of @reply messages that are not genuine replies
  • Writing about one thing but linking to another
  • A large number of users have blocked you
  • Impersonation, illegal content, or any violation of the Twitter Terms of Service

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2 Comments On “How to Pick Up Followers on Twitter”

On 17th November 2008 4:11 PM, Alex- The Blog Traffic GuyNo Gravatar said:

Yup! Those are the tools. I used to have Twitter as one of my strategies of getting traffic. I doesn’t work well for me though. My opinion is that we can be success in twitter if we have something very valuable people want to get.

When we have something valuable, people would like to follow us. The value could be humor, interesting, passion, etc. Twitter should also not be blindly used as a traffic tool but a communication tool.

On 19th December 2008 9:25 AM, MedaljerNo Gravatar said:

Thanks for info :)

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