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Fix the Wordpress Missing Page Template Bug

Sometimes the “Page Template” field disappears when you are trying to update the page template of your WordPress pages. This usually happens after you have upgraded your WordPress to a newer version.

Here’s how you can fix the missing page template…

Step 1: Activate Another WordPress Theme

I am using my own custom WordPress theme so I activated the default WordPress theme as an example.

Step 2: Re-Activate Your WordPress Theme

Activate the WordPress theme you were using when this bug occurred.

Step 3: Reload Your Edit WordPress Page

You should see the “Page Template” field back in the “Advanced Options” when you edit your pages. I don’t know why this happens nor do I know how to permanently fix it. This is just what I do to fix it as and when it happens.

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Posted by Vincent on 4 November 2008 12:00 AM in Wordpress Help You can leave a comment, or trackback from your own site. |

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4 Comments On “Fix the Wordpress Missing Page Template Bug”

On 5th December 2008 7:25 AM, damnegNo Gravatar said:

Thanks, this solution helped me :)

On 20th April 2009 8:33 AM, shraqsNo Gravatar said:

Thanks, never face this kind of problems so far. But it is a good info

On 18th August 2009 6:29 PM, Burak Reis YavuzNo Gravatar said:

Thanks a much for this very useful tip which I hv been looking aroung for hours…….Take care, salutes from Istanbul-Turkey…..

On 26th November 2009 12:19 PM, Enrico FurlanNo Gravatar said:

an alternative, insightful, solution here.

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