Is Social Networking Useless for Small Businesses?

So I signed up for Twitter… I also registered an account at to post to my Twitter and Facebook profiles from 1 place. I am very new to Twitter and I am exploring what I can do with it. I deleted my Hi5, MySpace and Friendster accounts because I don’t use them anymore because Facebook is so much better.

I was tempted to sign up for as many social networking accounts as possible but I prefer to keep it simple and have just a few accounts to manage. At the moment, I’m just reading up more about Twitter to learn how to use it properly. I am experiencing problems with getting my messages fit into the 140 character limit. I am also checking FriendFeed as it seems to have some great SEO benefits.

I wonder if it is just a gimmick to add as many friends and followers to make me look popular. I don’t think I can keep up posting random quotes about what I am currently doing to Twitter everyday. I don’t really see the purpose in doing so and it seems kind of boring to me. Strangely, some people love checking out what their friends are saying everyday.

Seth Godin says it is useless for small businesses. However, I see people like Joel Comm using Twitter and Facebook to promote their own products and web sites very well. I think we have to find a way to use it like Joel Comm if we want to use it to promote stuff.

I will add a box on my sidebar to display my latest Twitter status message very soon. It seems like people love these short status messages. I always get replies from my real friends about them. For now, I shall use Twitter and Facebook purely as a social tool.

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