Anyone Rememer NetAudioAds / Voice2Page?

NetAudioAds / Voice2Page is probably a scam. People have been waiting for ages for the so-called “BPA Audit” to be finalized. The last post at the official NetAudioAds blog was on the 29th of July 2008. Charles Heflin’s blog was last posted on the 8th of May 2008. These guys seem to have either nothing to post about or they have abandoned this idea all together.

It was supposed to be launched on the 1st of February 2008. I have no idea what is happening with the people behind this launch but I think it has too many shady things about it that makes it smell very fishy.

Firstly, the appointment of Charles Heflin as the promoter of this company is a big red flag. He has a terrible history of not paying his affiliates as I have documented this in a previous post about NetAudioAds. Secondly, they have been extremely late to launch this program, which means they probably never planned to be early or they messed up big time. Thirdly, some people have reported that the claims of filling up 100% of their traffic is untrue.

Other people have started to grumbled about NetAudioAds and Voice2Page:

There goes another internet marketing scheme… We have to be careful about the people behind this program because they will definitely try to come up with something similar in the near future.

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