John Jonas on How To Replace Yourself by Outsourcing Your Work

I think John Jonas and I must have been reading the same books. I have read the E-Myth and I am reading the 4-Hour Work Week. I love these books as they are teaching me to free up my life to do the things I want to do. However, I have experienced a lot of problems putting the knowledge from these 2 books into action.

That is where John steps in. He’s done it and he is sharing with us how he did it. I have outsourced work to Singaporeans as well as freelancers online but I have had mixed results. I have had terrible experience with freelancers from India just like John did. Singaporeans are a bit too expensive for me at the moment. John recommends hiring people from the Philippines to work for you full time from their homes for about USD $250 per month, which is a pretty decent wage in the Philippines.

I know for a fact that Filipino maids earn about SGD $360 per month in Singapore, which is about USD $250 per month. Filipino maids are on the higher pay scale of domestic workers in Singapore probably due to their superior English language skills and their higher education. A monthly salary of about SGD $360 in Singapore is still considered quite low but a lot of people are still below the poverty line in Singapore by “western standards”. If you ask me, I would pay USD $350 per month and above because I think that is a fair amount of money by Southeast Asian standards and you should be able to live a pretty good life in most Southeast Asian countries except for Singapore.

John recommends Filipinos because he likes their work ethic and their English language skills. I have no experience with hiring Filipinos but I can tell you this – Most of the Filipinos I know of in my life are great people. My dad rents his apartment to 3 Filipino guys and he says they are his best tenants ever. My parents have hired numerous maids when I was a little kid and the best ones we had were from the Philippines. I just hope that people do not try to pay them as little as possible because it is hard out there in the Philippines where most people are living below the poverty line by “third world standards”.

John Jonas recorded an MP3 about his experiences hiring workers online. I think it has valuable advice and you might find it useful if you are thinking of outsourcing work. At the end of the call, John is pitching his USD $97 per month membership site, which also has a 14 day trial period. Although, I have not joined his membership site, I plan to check it out very soon. If you are already a member, let me know how it is like inside.

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