What Does Web Development Mean?

Launching a website is one of the single most important tactics you can use to increase your visibility, accessibility and sales. That is providing that it is done correctly and that you have people who know what they are doing build and create your website. This is where confusion sets in for many as they wonder whether they need a web developer or a web designer… is there a difference between them? Is one better then the other? Let’s set the record straight.

What is Web Development?

When we talk about web development we are referring to any activity that has to do with developing (building) a website. It is somewhat a generic term that is used to cover activities such as setting up e-commerce, content development, business development, html coding and configuration of the web server.

In professional circles, web development deals more with they technical side of building a website such as coding and writing HTML markup. A web development professional capabilities range from simple static pages to complex web based pages such as social network services, e-business or other internet applications as well as all security related aspects of the website.

What is Web Design?

Web design deals more with the design and appearance of the website. When we are referring to web design we are talking about the font, images, colours, illustrations and anything to do with graphic design. These aspects all range in complexity, depending on the wants and needs of the client.

Differences Between Web Development and Web Design

The difference between the two services is quite simple. Web design deals with the process associated with designing the web page or web site layout and the graphic elements on the page. Where as web development deals with the technical aspects of building the website. This includes all coding, server and security requirements. To put it plainly, web design is what you see on the screen when you surf the internet and web development is how it got there and how it is maintained.

Reasons Why most People are Either Good in Web Development or Web Design but not Both at the Same Time

While it is common practice for people to say that they are experts at the whole website building process, the truth of the matter is that they are usually good at one aspect or the other and the try to their best at the other. Each type of profession requires different types of talents and skills – Designers tend to the creative types while developers are more likely to be the logical, step-by-step, linear types. To be a web designer you really have no need to know about coding, in school it is not something that are taught in order to receive their degree. Likewise web developers are not graded on their aesthetic abilities, their focus is on creating web standards compatible code for web sites.

Some web design studios have dedicated teams of web designers, who are solely in charge of the design of the web sites, while a dedicated web developer team handles the technical work. Some web design studios have people who know a bit of both web design and development and they are required to do both design and technical work at the same time.

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