How Do I Get a Free Web Domain?

Registering a web domain can cost from USD $8 per year. It is certainly possible to get a web domain for free but you do have to read the fine print to be sure of what you are actually getting.

Free Web Domains From Web Hosts

Most free domains are offered as part of a web hosting package. The domain is free just for the first year. With all of them, the question is who really owns the domain. You want to be sure of this before you sign up. Sometimes, if you are just getting started, a free domain that you don’t actually own yourself might be okay to use while you are learning. Just remember to think of it as a disposable domain and don’t get your business too tied to it.

When you are considering getting a web domain with a web hosting package, check everything on the site to be sure of the details of the offer. Contact the hosting company’s customer service. This should be done in any event to test the kind of support you can expect from the company. Ask a question about the free domain, such as who really owns it, is it transferable and under what conditions and are there any hidden fees associated with the free domain in any way.

As mentioned briefly above, some domain registration sites offer the first year free. These need to be checked out carefully. offers the first year free to small business owners who also purchase an email or hosting package but if you choose to keep the domain through them, it is USD $35 a year after the first year. With many domain registration sites offering much lower registration fees, you would not be saving anything on the domain if you can pay USD $9.00 a year from the start.

Another example is DotEasy. They charge a .com domain registration at $25.00 per year with free 1 Year 100 MB web hosting account included. A .com domain name should not cost more than USD $9.99 per year. Therefore, the web hosting costs USD $15.01 per year. As you can see the domain is not free. You are paying for it one way or another.

Free Web Domains

You can get a subdomain of the web domain from Although there are no charges, the catch is that you should actually use your domain name. Domains inactive for more than a month will be deleted without any warning. Furthermore, a link back to CO.NR website is REQUIRED to be placed on the main page of your website.

Free .tk Web Domains

Another free domain service is the .tk web domain from Each domain name you acquire from is required to generate a minimum of at least 25 page views during 90 days. You could use your .tk web domain like a redirection service for long URLs like affiliate program links.

Free Web Domains

Like the service, the is also a sub domain service of the domain name. They only offer free domain redirection services to redirect visitors to another web site. The termination rules are weird. According to their terms of use, they can “at any time and for any reason, terminate the service”.

Free Domains as Reward for Filling Up Surveys

I have not investigated this method of getting web domains enough to determine if it is legitimate or not. If you are going to fill up surveys, it will take up some of your time. Therefore, it is not really free, isn’t it? and are some of the companies doing this. They seem to be from the same owner as they have the same support forum at


With the competition among hosting services and domain registration services also offering hosting packages, a great many offer web domains for free with the purchase of a hosting package. It is still best to keep your web domain and web host separate. Nothing is free. Why would any one give you something for free and not want anything in return? It is better to get a paid web domain that you own rather than dealing with the restrictions on these free web domains. If you would like to get a web address for a business, the free domains (, and .tk) just look unprofessional. Please refer to my other blog post on how to buy a web domain name.

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