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I'm Still Waiting For NetAudioAds (Voice2Page)

This NetAudioAds (Voice2Page) thing is such a disappointment because I have not received any audio ads at all. I thought 1 February 2008 was supposed to be the official launch but it turns out that it was only a partial launch. I believe that should have been specified clearly beforehand.

NetAudioAds (Voice2Page) have hired Charles Heflin to market their business. I know Charles Heflin from his site SEO 20/20. I have his “Masterplan” ebook and I like most parts of it. However, I am very sceptical about anything Mr Heflin promotes because he has not paid some of his affiliates commissions and some of his work was allegedly copied from Caroline Bogart.

I know this because I am a member of his private forum and one of his affiliates by the name of Lawrence has been trying to contact Mr Heflin to get his commissions for promoting his products. No response whatsoever was made to Lawrence despite his various attempts to contact Mr Heflin, including posting a forum topic at the SEO2020 private forums.

Caroline Bogart issued a warning to Mr Heflin for using her work in his own work and passing it off as his own.

I am also put off by the way Mr Heflin treats his own customers in his forums by totally ignoring us. I tried to contact him to get a PDF copy of the Masterplan ebook because I lost my copy when my hard drive crashed. I also received no answer from him regarding my queries. However, if you email Mr Heflin about his latest promotions, he is quick to reply to your questions. Try asking him questions about “Pay Per Play” right now and you will get a prompt answer.

The integrity of Mr Heflin is very shady. I have waited months for this and now it is still in “testing mode”. If you say you’re going to launch something on a certain date, then do so. Don’t launch something and say we are not 100% ready as we are still testing things out. Luckily, Mr Heflin is only responsible for the marketing side of NetAudioAds (Voice2Page). If he’s in charge of the payments, we might not get anything like Lawrence.

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