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I purchased the Generator PHP script last month to help index one of my non-WordPress web sites that has like 30,000 plus web pages.

The reason why I chose a PHP script instead of a desktop software is because I do not wish to generate the sitemaps on my PC and upload them to my web sites. Furthermore, all the desktop software that claim to create sitemaps did not crawl my web site as well as the Generator PHP script.

It took me about 2 weeks of communicating back and forth with the author to get the script running smoothly without crashing. Since the release of version 2.6.0 on 30 July 2007, the memory consumption requirements of this script has been improved. I no longer need to increase my “max. PHP memory” to ridiculous levels to complete the crawling of my web site.

However, you may need to edit the PHP.ini files of your web sites if you plan to use this script. You may need to increase either the “max. PHP memory” or “max. execution time” settings or both. That’s the biggest drawback of this script because you have to try different settings on your web server to get the script to run properly.

The Sitemap Generator generates 4 types of sitemaps:

  1. XML sitemaps (sitemap.xml or sitemap.xml.gz) for Google
  2. Text sitemaps (urllist.txt) for Yahoo
  3. ROR sitemaps – I have no idea what this is for!!
  4. HTML sitemaps

The script crawls your web site and adds the web pages into sitemap files. My current installation took me about 30 minutes to complete a crawl of 30000 plus pages. Your speed will depend on how you configure the script.

The individual settings of this script can be very confusing. For my web site, I only selected to generate the XML sitemap and the text based Yahoo sitemap. I don’t need the HTML or ROR sitemaps. I also had to omit certain “members only” pages from the crawl to save some time and processing power during the crawls.

A picture is worth a thousand words… Here’s a screenshot of my settings page with all the stuff I entered to make this script run properly for me: Sitemap Generator 1

Overall, I find the Sitemap script a very good script after the bugs were fixed. At only $19.99, this script is quite a bargain because it saves me a lot of time. I now run this script once per week to update my sitemaps and ping the search engines automatically for me. Hopefully, you will be able to avoid the tough learning curve I encountered when I tried to configure this script for the first time.

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