Campaign Blasts Review

Campaign Blasts ReviewI just checked out Matt Levenhagen’s Campaign Blast Method and I am pleasantly surprised at the information Matt shares in his ebook. I wish I had something like Matt’s ebook when I started. If I knew the stuff Matt is talking about, I would have saved myself a lot of time and money.

The Campaign Blast Method in a 5-ebook package

  • AdWords Basics
  • AdGroup Clustering
  • Landing Pages 101
  • Campaign Blasting Method
  • The Universal Truth

The AdWords Basics section is for newbies to Google AdWords. It’s great for getting a general introduction to Google AdWords and what you need to click on to get your campaigns running.

The AdGroup Clustering section is pretty amazing stuff. I never thought of such an ingenious way to organize my campaigns. What Matt is teaching you to do is to get over Google AdWords limit of 25 campaigns and automating the tracking of your daily stats via Google AdWords’ reports system. The downside of this section is that the screenshots are outdated and I am not sure if I will get the same information with the new Google AdWords reports system like what Matt described in his ebook. You will have to use an excel spreadsheet to import the Google AdWords’ CSV file reports. Another boo boo is you have to purchase that excel spreadsheet. You will get Matt’s free campaign tracking spreadsheet if you join his “Campaign Blasts Source” membership site. Its reasonably priced and I believe you should join it you are serious about using Google AdWords to promote affiliate programs.
The Landing Pages 101 is a brief guide on the technical details about setting up a landing page. There are no real life examples in this guide. Just general tips on what to do with your web site and advice to test your landing page to get higher conversions. You will have to join his membership site to learn more.

The part on “Blasting” is where the real meat is. Matt recommends that you set up cheap market tests to find profitable niches. I have been doing that for quite some time but not to the level Matt is describing in his ebook. I have been finding it very difficult to do cheap tests with Google AdWords lately and that has hindered my growth. I used to be able to do it very cheaply. Nowadays, if I try to bid low, my keywords will be disabled, and my ads will get nowhere. Therefore I am skeptical about this “Blasting Method”.

Matt has very clear rules on what type of keywords you should use, how much you should bid, and when to stop the test. I created 2 “Blasts” for 2 Clickbank affiliate programs and I would like to see if his ideas really work. It really doesn’t take long to set up a “Blast” if you follow Matt’s advice. The challenge for me is to get my Google ads to be displayed and clicked on enough to gauge whether the people in these markets will be profitable for me in the long run. It’s really difficult if I am spending as little as possible. On the other hand if I spend too much in the beginning and it doesn’t sell, I would have wasted quite a bit of money. What a dilemma!

The Universal Truth covers some personal development “Q & A” sessions for yourself. Maybe you should read this first if you do not know what you want for your life and online business. Matt condenses quite a lot of personal development principles in a few pages. It will be useful if you honestly fill in the blanks provided and discover what you want to do with your life and how you want your online business to serve your unique purpose.

Matt Levenhagen’s Membership Sites

Be prepared to invest more money to discover the finer details of Matt’s method from his membership sites. Matt has 3 membership sites for you to further upgrade your PPC skills.

The Campaign Blasts Source – A Membership for Continuing Education to learn the blast method and to continue to grow as a PPC Professional.

Ezy Websites – When you are ready to get serious about landing pages, you will want to join Ezy Websites. I have created a very easy step by step system to create landing pages (web pages), I have provided you with profit pulling landing page templates, I give you help creating content… and also provide on going support and training with the membership.

The Web Profit School – A site that covers every area of internet marketing, but also provides a forum for you to interact with other Blasters and PPC professionals… I provide on going Adwords Training and Campaign Follow Alongs to help you master my methods.

I understand what Matt is saying when he described his “blasting” method because I have been doing something similar. Newbies might have a hard time figuring out what Matt is trying to teach you. I suggest you pick the right combination of his products and services for your own needs to save money.


Matt Levenhagen’s Campaign Blast Method provides you with a scientific, low risk, low cost, efficient, and effective method for sniffing out profitable affiliate programs you can promote.

I believe Matt goes deeper about testing for profitable niches than anyone I know. I have tested over 150 affiliate programs to find profitable affiliate programs and I have made a lot of painful mistakes. If you follow Matt’s advice, you will find profitable affiliate programs easier and spend less money provided you find a way to get past Google AdWords’ quality score system.

One of the hardest things about promoting affiliate programs with PPC search engines is finding affiliate programs that actually sell with PPC ads. You need to have a lot of determination and drive to make this work. It can be very frustrating at times to spend a lot of time and money and not make a sale. If you cannot take failure gracefully, this really isn’t for you because you will get more campaigns that fail than those that will make you money.

If you’re game for this, then Matt Levenhagen’s Campaign Blast Method would be a great starting point in your Google AdWords journey.

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