The Greatest Keyword Research Software In The World?

The Greatest Keyword Research Software In The World?I wanted to see what all the Keyword Elite hype was all about. I went to the Keyword Elite pre-launch blog to check out the videos. Boy was I blown away by video number 5!

You see, there isn’t any software out there that can spy on your Google AdWords competitors to this level. You could program Keyword Elite to spy on your competitors daily or multiple times per day if you like. When I say spy, you can actually see which keywords they are bidding on and what ads they are using.

This is great news for anyone who uses Google AdWords to promote affiliate programs. We can now see which keywords our top competitors are consistently bidding on for a period of time so that we can literally “steal” his keywords and ad for our own benefit.

I am still reviewing the software so I can’t give you my full story on this software. From what I can see right now, it is way ahead of all the keyword research software I currently own. Mind you I own 3 keyword research software..

None of them comes close to what Keyword Elite can do for you. Stay tuned for my full review!

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3 Comments On “The Greatest Keyword Research Software In The World?”

On 22nd March 2006 12:52 PM, Brian said:

Hi Vincent,

There is a real buzz around the net about this software. I heard about it from a friend, earlier today, and I was was delighted to see you have already posted about it too! It would be great to hear your review, as it seems to be a great bit of software, but I would like to hear your opinion of it. Thanks Vincent.
By the way, there are 5 good video tutorials showing the software in action on the homepage;
It’s worth a look!

On 22nd March 2006 7:10 PM, Jeff said:

Great to know you are already reviewing Keyword Elite. Was planning to buy but will now definitely wait for your ALWAYS unbiased reviews before I buy. Keep up the good work


On 22nd March 2006 3:40 PM, Vincent said:

I think my order of Keyword Elite screwed up. I am trying to resolve this with the support!

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