Terrible Google AdWords Update = Terrific Google AdSense Update?

On a positive note for Google AdSense publishers…..

When the Google AdWords’ bid prices go up, that would mean the amount a Google AdSense publisher earns per click would also have to go up. Just don’t be the ones paying for those clicks be the one profit from the guy who is over paying for his clicks.

I believe this would be a good time to get started with building content sites with Google AdSense ads on them to capitalize on this change. Furthermore, Yahoo is coming out with something similar to Google AdSense and I am sure that would make Google want to pay the publishers more money.

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1 Comment On “Terrible Google AdWords Update = Terrific Google AdSense Update?”

On 12th September 2005 11:37 AM, chentong said:

Hi Vincent,

have you tried Joel Comm’s Adsense Secrets?

how do you find it? The book suggests that there are ways for publisher to get higher priced ads display on the content page. If you place your KEYWORDS at certain hotspot in a content page, google will display a higher price per click ads …


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