Google Profits Review 2

I’ll take back my review of the Google Profits ebook. I DO NOT RECOMMEND IT. After reading some posts in the AdWord Mentor Forum, some of the guys there pointed out the flaws like:

  • How it doesn’t cover what NOT to look out for in the sales page or the Clickbank products. e.g. PayPal or FAX orders which take away your commission sales
  • Doesn’t reveal how to use Affliliate Alert to search for profitable products to promote

That’s the problem with these Google AdWords ebooks. Most of them focus on tiny bits on information and its all too confusing. I’m starting to feel very frustrated at my lack of any success here with Google AdWords. Something’s gotta work…. over 20 Campaigns and only 1 profitable campaign that is barely breaking even? Crap…..

Someone at the AdWord Mentor Forum recommended this Video product about Google AdWords. Seems promising to me judging by the sales page but you know these guys are great at hyping up their products. Take a look at Google AdWords Secrets.


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7 Comments On “Google Profits Review 2”

On 7th October 2004 1:04 PM, Anonymous said:

Did you buy Google Cash, I was thinging about it, not sure if its worth it since I have about 200 pages I downloaded of the net I still have to read about all the same things, which was the other book you bought?

On 7th October 2004 11:54 PM, Vincent said:


I would prefer that you save your money and read this guy’s Blog on Google Cash. You’ll learn more from his successes.

That guy is Barry Stein, he’s very helpful and shares a lot more than all the “Google Cash type” ebooks combined.

Here’s the blog URL:

Be sure to check out his Adwords report on his web site for a summary of his blog.

After you’ve read the blog, maybe you might still want to purchase Google Cash. Also read my blog…. Learn from my mistakes and have a much more pleasant journey!

On 5th October 2005 12:39 AM, Brad said:

I would really like to know if there are any reputable affiliate courses out there with up to date info and “no bull” that I can purchase with confidence. I am interested in knowing if there are people on the internet who have a
conscience when selling a course.

On 16th December 2005 3:32 AM, Google Profits Review said:

I completely respect why you would renig your previous review of Google Profits, however, it’s important to note that not all books can cover all aspects of a subject – at least not without becoming a daunting task for the reader.

I find that ebook authors need to find that elusive balance with just the right amount of information without the overload. Though I agree it’s lacking in some points, I believe that the ebook is still beneficial, especially for someone just starting out in the AdWords arena. But, by no means, is it the complete and final resource for AdWords.

I believe that one could start with Google Profits, then graduate to Google Profits (or even Rosalind Gardner’s Super Affiliate Handbook), and then finish up with just about anything by Perry Marshall.

Online Marketing is a continuing process, it’s all about growing and continuing to learn as we grow.

On 16th December 2005 3:50 AM, Google Profits Review said:

In the first paragraph – renig should be renege
In the second to last paragraph, it should read:
I believe one could start with Google Profits, then graduate to
Google Cash

Sorry about that :)

On 26th April 2006 6:05 PM, Mustafa said:

We run a very small mobile phone dealership, self promoting on google. I am very interested in making my money work better and smarter for me.

I have set up a basic affiliate program which would allow affiliates to promote our deals and earn between £1000 and £3000 a week within 4 weeks with start up from as little as £250.

How can I best promote this and how can I use my money the best way. My cost per aquistition goes through the roof as soon as I get more than about 40 sales a week.

On 28th April 2006 12:01 AM, Google Profits said:

I thought Google Profits did a decent job at explaining the basics of how to utilize adwords but if you’ve had some experience with adwords, you’re probably better off going for Google Cash or something by Perry Marshall.

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