Google Profits – Just Another Google Cash Clone?

Google Profits   Just Another Google Cash Clone?

I stumbled upon this ebook that reminds me of Google Cash and Google Profit (The Search Engine Institute) . The title sounds the same doesn’t it but the sales page promises different things.

Something new to me is that Google Profits focuses on Clickbank produsts first then other affiliate networks, claims to teach you how to set up test campaigns FAST (Now that’s something I want to learn about), shows you a profitable campaign running for 7 days etc. It seems like everything the previous 2 ebooks left out…. Very interesting indeed.

I read about it in a forum but 1 of the readers thought there was nothing new in it. I am still procrastinating whether to buy this ebook. I’ve been disappointed so far by all my previous Google AdWords ebooks. Maybe this one might change it? We’ll see….

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