Follow Up To The Google Profit (The Search Engine Institute) Part 3

I’ve had it with the Search Engine Institute. The advice in their membership site was simply too simplistic. This sounds like I’m pushing the blame on them for my failure to make any profit from my Google AdWords campaigns but that is not the case. I am responsible for my own failure and they are responsible for their own failure. I believe the main reason why I have not been able to make any profit from Google AdWords is because of my own ignorance.

To eliminate my ignorance, I need an education. A proper understanding of how to make profitable Google AdWords campaigns for Affiliate Program Marketers specifically.

I still have a few grey areas in my Ad Groups and Keyword Selection before I can make my campaigns a success:

1. Should I just dump all the keywords (misspellings,,, no spaced keywords, keywords in “�? and []) all in 1 Ad Group or separate them into multiple Ad Groups?

2 .If I should separate them into multiple Ad Groups, How should It look like? From my understanding, this was what I did to mediocre results:


  • main keywords in 1 group e.g. (“trading stocks�?, [trading stocks])
  • misspelled keywords in 1 group e.g. (“rrading stocks�?, [rrading stocks])
  • no spaced keywords in 1 group e.g. (“tradingstocks�?, [tradingstocks])
  • in 1 group e.g. (“�?, [])
  • in 1 group e.g. (, [])
  • misspelled keywords with no spaces in 1 group e.g. (“rradingstocks�?, [rradingstocks]) ??
  • misspelled keywords with .coms in 1 group e.g. (“�?, []) ??
  • misspelled keywords with www.keywords.coms in 1 group e.g. (“�?, []) ??

From my experience I still not sure how the misspellings fit in with the
www.websites.coms and http://www.websites.coms/. I still can’t see how I can bid on HIGHLY SEARCHED keywords for $0.05 and get very high number of clicks. Seems like I am bidding on LOWLY SEARCH keywords for $0.05 and getting very low clicks.

I’m sure I will sort this out quickly. It hasn’t been a complete failure because I’m learning as I go along. I’m just unhappy with the Google Profit membership site because their claims were not met in their content and their actions were terrible with that particular phone call to me. I should have known. If someone calls you to try to sell you something and then agrees to email you back for more information and does not, you shouldn’t take their word for anything. They’ve breached their trust and its now gone. I have submitted my refund request. Its within 30 days so it should be all right.

I learnt a few things about being a truly great info-product author:


  1. You must walk the talk by applying what you teach and showing it to your customers with living proof that it works! For internet marketing, why not show us some of your web sites, sales figures, statistics rather than simply giving nice claims that it increased my profits by XX%. People need concrete proof that what you teach is for real and not hog wash and you back it up by applying it in your own life.
  2. You must be sincere about teaching your customers whatever you promise to teach them and not simply come out with a course, write a book specifically designed to make money off people. Of course, you deserve to get paid for it but make sure your claims are for real and hopefully "over-deliver" on your promises, focus more on your customers learning and applying what you teach and not on their money.
  3. Don’t be afraid to let people know how you do it for the fear that they might surpass you or become your competitor. I once read a quote that read "Poor is the student who does not surpass his master". If I started selling info-products, that would be my credo. A lot of so-called gurus or experts deliberately hold back information because they don’t want you to know what they know. They want you to spend a lot of time "figuring it out yourself" and hope you give up soon! Don’t give up, keep on keeping on and find better mentors who will really help you achive your goals.
  4. Why not make use of videos and pictures to get your point across? Its relatively simple nowadays to use videos to show people how you really do it. That would take out most of the guess work. Imagine seeing my mouse cursor pointing on the screen and really doing the things that matter. No more "figuring out by yourself", trial and error. A picture is worth a thousand words…. Words mean different things to everyone, I believe using a video would be much better to avoid misinterpretations.

These are just some of my comments on how to become a respected internet marketing expert. I’m not in the position to teach about making lots of money on the internet because I haven’t done that but once I do that, I will never hold back my information and I would sincerely want people who purchase my material to "surpass their master"!

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