The best advertising in the whole world is a satisfied customer with a big mouth. — Larry Winget


I’m experimenting myself with a few ‘white hat’ SEO techniques. I’m building a webpage and your information here is simply informative for me..

- Ashrufzz, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

My name is Steve Bergkamp. I am an adwords newbie, but with some salt. I won’t bore you with all the details here. What I really wanted to say was this. I love your blog. Mostly because of your candor. Please keep it coming. I think your right on track. From your dream collage and open honesty to your feelings about giving back. I really think your right on. Thank you!! Have a great day Vincent. Be well, successful..Gods speed!!

- Stephen G. Bergkamp

I found your blog through the ClickBank forum and it looks like we’re both on pretty much the same path. My name is Karen and I run a website for stay-at-home moms. It’s been up and running just over 3 years now and is starting to bring in some decent income. I’m wanting to take what I’ve learned and start more sites with different themes.

Before I started my site I tried just about anything I could get my hands on to make a living online but none of it panned out. I’ll be checking out
your blog from time to time and see what I can learn. Thanks for putting this info up!

- Karen

I stumbled upon your Blog and I must say that I am pretty impressed. What’s good is your unbias reports and your mature writing.

- Ken Cheong, Singapore

I spotted a post of yours at Phil Wiley’s forum, and wandered over to your blog to take a look. We’re kindred spirits, you and I – seeking money not for what it can buy us, but for the freedom it can provide so we can find out what are “special calling” in the world truly is.

I’ve bookmarked your blog and will keep an eye on it. I’d also like to ask if you would mind sharing where your template came from? It’s easily the nicest looking, best laid-out blog that I’ve ever seen. Your header graphic of “you” looks spectacular as well. Your blog is *exactly* what I would like my own blog to look like.

With a name as common as mine, I’ve given lots of thought to creating an internet identity for all kinds of reasons. You given me a lot to think about. Thank you so much for that!! :-)

- Mike Long

Glad to see you’re finding success with Adwords and are so open with your campaign ideas and details. I’m sure many people will learn from the ideas and information you are sharing.

- Jeremy Wilson

I don’t know how I ended up here, but I’m glad I did. Excellent and useful information – thanks. I’ve just posted a blurb on my blog.

I put you on par with a Victoria’s Secret supermodel. :-)

- John Barker

Ishaam here from Cape Town, South Africa. Hope all is going well for you. Just visited your blog today and would like to say that there is some very good posts made by you. Keep up the good work.

- Ishaam Hendricks, Cape Town, South Africa

I subscribed to your newsletter for some time. At that time you are talking about making a few hundreds a month. Now, I just visited your blog and see your income for Jan – March beat 4 digit! Congrats …

- David Kwan, Malaysia

I like your site a lot and make it a point to visit as often i can.

I like the way you do your review… i have found it impartial and to the point.

Keep the good work….

- Anish Acharya, India

I am in the States and have a eclectic mixture of life/computer/business experience but I am not a techy as you seem to be. I am struggling getting a site going right now. I would love sharing some experiences concerning adwords with you. I think the stuff you have posted is just fantastic. I consider it very valuable information for you to share like that and hope I can find some way to repay in kind.

- Gary Larsen, USA

I’ve been following you post for the past week and I like what your doing. Keeping the common folks up to date on how to succeed with google adwords. Like you I am doing the same thing and I have not had the results I would like to have. I constantly get sales with my ebay campaigns but that is just not any money. My philosophy has been to get one successful campaign and build on those campaigns with the successful keywords. This is very expensive though and I have not found the answers yet. So, I wanted to encourage you in what you are doing, you are definitely giving my some answers for the future. Thanks for what you do.

- Kenneth Elliott

I am interested in getting started with Google AdWords and have been reading a bunch of good things on your site. I appreciate your openess and unbiased opinions on this subject as it seems to be very difficult to find this on the net.

- Tony Brown

I am Fuad from KL, Malaysia. I’ve been “looking” at your blog website for some time now and really impressed with your “openess” concept. Even up till now I am still not able to convince myself to share my profitable campaigns with others, I am also quietly watching others PPC experts activities via AdwordMentor, CBSucessForum, Warrior Forums, etc.

Anyway just want to drop you a mail to say good luck in achieving your dream with affiliate marketing. I am a believer too, i’d used to be just like you when I was first started, the frustration, the “budget” problems, etc etc.

- Fuad, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Thank for sharing your Adword experiment with us. You have been showing us the creative way to brainstorm the keywords. Thanks for sharing the tactics.

- ToonChooi, Malaysia

I just want you to know that I think you have a real nice site with good and honest information. I can tell that it’s honest and that’s probably what I
like the most about it. Best of luck to you.

- Bob

I am pleased to be on the ‘ground floor’ of your venture. I have enjoyed reading your insights in your blogs.

Your writing style is very good and easy to follow and I wish you great success. I look forward to learning about this business as I follow your progress. You are a good mentor for me.

- Tony

Great newsletter. Genuine and honest. I’ve not missed an issue yet. Will buy through your affiliate link, in the future.

- French

I found your blog while i was searching adwords resources, because I’m starting to advertsing affiliate programs on it.. or better, I’m trying to understand how things go on PPC. I liked your blog because you seem honest, you write about your real income (and don’t write haphazardly numbers just to attract people).

- Alessandro, Italy

“…I wanna give people the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I also hate it when people give unclear directions when they present their “system”. That’s where I will stand out.”

Wow, you’re not kidding! I can’t believe my good luck in finding your website. It really is the ” breath of fresh air” you write about. your style, opinions, feeling are just fantastic. Keep up the GREAT work.

- Dan

How are you? My name is Franklin. I came across your blog and I’ve to say that I was highly impressed by it! I happened to read on of your
posts at Phil Wiley’s forum and then I clicked on a link you posted (regarding Google AdWords) and now I’m feeling even more confident
than ever in trying the Google Cash system!!

- Franklin

I’ve been reading you blog and have been inspired! I am in a similar position to you (when you started your blog) I purchased googlecash, joined adword mentor, sell on ebay. The only money I make is with ebay, but I enjoy the adwords thing. Well I’ve started my own blog. I would like to keep in touch and let you know how I’m going.

- Adrian, Australia

Been reading your blog and I really like it. It has a very open and honest feel to it. Doing the Adwords/Adsense thing myself at the moment, so its helpful to see someone elses progress.

- Travis

Great job on your blog. Nice to see other “human” marketers having blogs.

- Liz Tomey

My name is Andrea and I live in Italy. First of all, I’ve to say that your blog is a very valuable source of information. I like your reviews and your comments, expecially those focused on affiliate programs. Another thing I like of your blog is that you are one of the few people in the field who share real case studies which at the end are much more useful of the hype of so called “Internet Gurus” or “PPC Gurus”.

Thank you for sharing so honestly your hard work!

- Andrea, Italy

Hey Vincent!, Whoaaa!!, what a great great blog, I read this stuff all day man!, I am also not from the US, so I can relate a bit with this overseas internet marketing craziness! Thanks for all the great info, I’ve learned tons with your posts. This last tip on Googlest, just made my day. I even paid for the list, and it’s well worth it. Thanks again!!

- Jonathan

I love your newsletter. You are a normal guy trying to do what we are all trying to do. I appreciate your insight, and experience sharing. The product reviews are also awesome. I read this newsletter and had to re-read the sentence when you stated that a certain program wasn’t working for you. I had never heard a negative review of a product yet. Usually the course is being pushed through an affiliate link in the newsletter. To hear an honest review was refreshing and instantly gives you credibility with me.

- Don

I stumbled across your blog on the world wide web, just now. What a fantastic blog you have written !!! I was totally blown away by the frankness and honesty with which you have written. I am a newbie to the affiliate marketing & adwords scene, and would appreciate any advice you could share with me on creating wealth online.

Thanking You in advance, Vincent.

- Riaz Unwala, New Zealand

Keep on truckin’ brother Vinnie. I’ve been visiting your site regularly since January. Your reviews are refreshingly honest without being rants.

- Anonymous

Vincent, your blog appears to have cut my header information out of the above posting for some reason.

- Tom

My name is Kevin Gaskell. I work as a web designer at Epoch Online. I saw your website and your content and I really like your approach. For all my work as a web designer these past 7 years, I haven’t ever built my own website. I am in the process of building a blog and building some websites for the purpose of making some money. I will definitely be following your website.

- Kevin Gaskell

I want to let you know because i consider you the only friend i’ve got on the web. thanx for all your help; your work is the most inspiring I’ve ran into on the web; no bullshit.

- Neal Rodriguez

I like your writings for several reasons:

1. you don’t shy away from giving bad reviews/ratings if a product is bad,
2. you don’t skew your opinion just because you are the products’ affiliate,
3. you bother to write in details of your campaigns (too many lazy internet marketers around)
4. you don’t just write to sell. You write because you have learned somethings though not always have something to sell.

- Chen Tong

I just found out your site and must say, very nice indeed… It’s the first time I came up a site that really reveals some great updated tips and secrets.

It’s great, as long as all the reviews are kept unbiased!

- Klaus

I’m so impressed with your website. I spent a lot of time reading your archive. And I got a lot of information and clues about setting up a campaign. I’m so appreciated a man like you willing to share experiences of making money from internet..

- Chin Ho

I had been reading hype after hype while starting to learn about internet marketing. Far and few in between, I sometimes come across a jewel in straight talking. You are one of them. Your blog taught about the many road-blocks along the way. I now have a clearer picture of what to avoid, what to expect and what to learn. I look forward to learn more from your blog and newsletter.

- Hogan

I’ve found your blog very useful so keep up the great information – I wish you lots of success, you seem to be on the right track.I’ve found your blog very useful so keep up the great information – I wish you lots of success, you seem to be on the right track.

- Nikhil