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- Larry Winget

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Maverick Keyword Researcher Public Beta

I am happy to announce the public beta of the Maverick Keyword Researcher.

You should see a pop over window when you enter this site asking you to join the public beta. Simply enter your first name and email address …

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Maverick Keyword Researcher Private Beta

After 10 months of development, I am finally ready to unleash the Maverick Keyword Researcher to the world. I will be starting a private beta to the subscribers of my old newsletter and to some friends.

I have also completed the user guide for this application and I hope to get …

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Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI) with Google Keyword Data

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...

I am implementing the Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI) into the Maverick Keyword Researcher. However, the original formula does not work with Google keyword …

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Straight From Google’s Mouth: Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide

Google recently released a PDF guide on what they consider to be good search engine optimization for their search engine. Trust Google over the “SEO gurus”….

Some of the information includes:

  • improving title and description meta tags
  • URL structure
  • site navigation
  • content creation
  • anchor text

This PDF guide confirms some of the SEO principles we already …

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Why You Need to Use Meta Descriptions

Last October, I wrote a post at my internet marketing blog about the importance of meta descriptions.

My previous post was inspired by Google webmaster blog’s post on meta descriptions. Today, I no longer use the Another WordPress Meta plugin because the All in One SEO Pack …

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How to Use nofollow Links

I have never really understood how to use nofollow links until last night. I guess I must have been very slow to pick up this technique of preserving your Google Pagerank.

On Wikipedia’s entry on nofollow links:
Search engine optimization professionals started using the nofollow attribute to control the flow …

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The Value of Submitting to Directories

Building on where I left off in my previous post on SEO: Quality Over Quantity, I found a good post at SEOmoz on the value of submitting to directories, link building and “nofollow links”. They interviewed Google.com’s head of Google’s Webspam team, Matt Cutts, to find out more …

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SEO: Quality Over Quantity

I have fallen for SEO lies told by unscrupulous marketers before and I have paid the price for it in terms of my time and money. I am sticking to the basics and I plan to keep doing what most people can’t be bothered to do. I won’t buy into …

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My Favourite WordPress Plugins

It’s been some time since my last post. I am ready to resume blogging again after a long break. I got rid of a lot of “bad investments” to pave the way for a better year ahead. About one year ago, I updated my blog template and plugins. This year, …

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Domain Dashboard Lite 1.1 Review

Domain DashboardIt’s not very often I get very excited about a new software for internet marketers. Domain Dashboard is wonderful surprise for me and many others who purchased it. Why? Because it saves us a lot of time and effort manually …

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