"If you can get along with everyone and everyone loves you, then you don't stand for much. A person who stands his ground for his principles and won't compromise his integrity is not loved by everyone."
- Larry Winget

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Google Completely De-Indexed My Site For No Reason

I recently discovered that Google de-indexed my blog for no good reason. I have read their webmaster guidelines and I still do not think I have broken any of their rules.

I have submitted a request to Google to reconsider my web site via Google Webmaster Tools. I hope they …

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Posted by Vincent on 17 September 2009 9:12 AM in Search Engine Optimization | 1 Comment |

Google AdWords Monthly & Yearly Search Counts

Google Search homepage
Finally! Google has decided to reveal the monthly and yearly searches for every keyword phrase searched on Google.com. I hope there is an API for this so that all the keyword software makers can integrate this into their …

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Posted by Vincent on 9 July 2008 3:27 PM in Search Engine Optimization | 0 Comments |