"If you can get along with everyone and everyone loves you, then you don't stand for much. A person who stands his ground for his principles and won't compromise his integrity is not loved by everyone."
- Larry Winget

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How to Create eCovers Without Hiring a Designer

I recently found a fantastic stock photo and design resource at GraphicRiver.net. I purchase the Smart 3D Package Box for only USD $3.00! I deposited USD $20.00 into my account and bought some other marketing graphics from …

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Lots of Free Traffic with Twitter + Digg + Newsletter

Yesterday, Sitepoint gave away a free CSS eBook with a very smart combination of Twitter, Digg and their newsletter. It is such a wonderful way to get a lot of followers on Twitter, lots of Diggs on Diggs and a lot of free traffic to their web site.

Here’s how Sitepoint …

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