Countdown Box Shortcode

Countdown Box Shortcode

The countdown box shortcode is used to create a countdown timer that counts down to a specific date and time. After which, the user will either be redirected to a URL, see an expiry message or both.

Due to the number of parameters the countdown box shortcode requires to function properly, I highly recommend that you use the countdown box button of the TinyMCE editor to enter the countdown box shortcode.

Countdown Box Parameters

  • id – A unique alphanumeric ID for the countdown box
  • date – Format: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM
  • timezone – Use PHP’s List of Supported Timezones
  • message – A message that will be displayed on expiry
  • url (Optional) – The URL that you wish to redirect the user to on expiry

Countdown Box Closing Tag

  • Not Required

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