Web Design / Development Services

WordPress Themes & Plugins

Web Design / Development ServicesMost of my web sites were built with WordPress, which is considered one of the best, if not the best platform for creating blogs and web sites. It is very simple to use and you will be able to update your own content and add blog posts or news to your own web site without knowing any web development skills like HTML.

  • Custom WordPress Themes - Do you need a unique WordPress theme for your web site or some customisation work on an existing theme? I have a deep understanding of the WordPress theme system and I can make WordPress look and function better than how it works out of the box.
  • Custom WordPress Plugins – I create and customise existing WordPress plugins to meet your needs. Let me know your plugin idea and we could work together to supercharge your WordPress web site.
  • Customise WordPress as a CMS – With some clever editing of the themes and a bunch of WordPress plugins, you could get WordPress to work as a very simple but highly functional CMS.
  • Conversion of a Normal Web Site or Non-WordPress Blog into WordPress – I can help you convert your existing web site to the WordPress platform and have all your content imported to WordPress. Furthermore, I will redirect all your old web pages to your new WordPress web site so that you won’t lose any existing traffic.

Online Sales Letter Templates

Web Design / Development ServicesAlthough I don’t do copywriting, I can help you with your online sales letter by creating the design and adding your copy to the template for you. Furthermore, I could also create squeeze pages (newsletter opt-in pages) and integrate your online sales letters with any newsletter or payment system.

PHP & MySQL Web Development

  • Web Design / Development Services Installation of PHP Scripts – I can install almost all types of PHP scripts for you. Some PHP scripts were not designed for non-techies to install and if you have any problems with any PHP script, let us know about it and we shall see if we can help you out.
  • Customisation of PHP Scripts – If you have an existing PHP script that needs some custom work done on it, let me know what you require and I will create it for you.Web Design / Development Services
  • Custom PHP Web Applications – I create web applications in PHP for social media, internet marketing and search engine optimisation purposes. If you have an idea for a web-based product but don’t have the programming skills to pull it off, I’m the person to look for.

HTML, CSS & jQuery Web Development

My web sites are built with valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional or XHTML 1.0 Strict code. They are guaranteed to work on Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox 2+, Opera 9+, Safari 3+ and Chrome.

  • Web Design / Development ServicesAdobe Photoshop PSD to XHTML/CSS – It is not unusual that the best web page designer you know has little or no skills in web development. If you are a web designer, you could use some web development help from me to turn your designs into web pages. Just give me the Photoshop PSD file of your web page design and I will come up with the XHTML/CSS template. This frees up your time to focus on the activities you are good at and enjoy.
  • HTML to XHTML/CSS – Is your web site running on outdated HTML code? Let us help you convert it to the conform to the latest web standards.
  • Web Design / Development ServicesjQuery - I have been implementing a lot jQuery into my projects lately because it is so easy to use and it adds another dimension to the interactivity of web sites. I can customise jQuery scripts to make them work in WordPress or your web sites.

Revamp Your Existing Web Site

Is your web site extremely old and outdated? Are you still running on your business web site on free blogging platforms like Blogger?

If you think it is time to freshen up your web site with a new look and a bunch of new features, contact me and I’ll make you a better web site.

Search Engine Optimisation

Web Design / Development Services

There are 2 main aspects of search engine optimisation – “On Page” and “Off Page”.

Most of my SEO work is “On Page” search engine optimisation, which means the HTML code and content is arranged in a search engine friendly way. An optimised web page on its own may not guarantee you a good ranking on the search engines unless you have done some proper “Off Page” search engine optimisation.

“Off Page” search engine optimisation generally refers to keyword research and the promotion work of your web site like link building, press releases, directory submissions, article writing, social networking and other methods.

Here are some of the “Off Page” search engine optimisation services I offer:

  • Keyword Research – With my keyword research application, the Maverick Keyword Researcher, I can help you find the easy-to-rank keywords you should be targeting for your web site.
  • Link Building – I have a small but effective list of web sites, article directories and social news web sites that I submit to. I don’t go out and submit to all the web sites out there because some of them work well and some don’t.
  • Social Networking – Unfamiliar with Facebook and Twitter but want to integrate them into your web site and online brand? No problem. I can help you connect your web site with Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.

Free Web Hosting for My Clients

Web Design / Development ServicesI understand that for most people, web hosting is a complicated subject that they would rather not handle themselves. I can host your web site on my BlueWho R2X web hosting account for free so that you can take your mind off this web hosting issue and get started.

My BlueWho R2X web hosting account has the following features:

  • 4GB of disk space
  • 60 GB of transfer per month
  • PHP support
  • MySQL database support
  • cPanel
  • Unlimited email addresses

I have used about a dozen different web hosts and I have not used a better web host for hosting small web sites other than BlueWho. I gladly pay USD $20 a month for this web hosting plan even though other cheaper web hosting plans exist for a couple of bucks per month.

Please check out WebHost Magazine’s review of BlueWho to find out more about what other say about this web host. Search for “BlueWho review” on Google.com and WebHostingTalk.com to read more user reviews about this web host.

A lot of web designers can also provide you with web hosting. Some do it for free while others charge for it. Rarely will they disclose where they get their web hosting from. I don’t like to keep you guessing on what you’re getting. You will get a rock solid web host for your web site for free and save USD $20 a month or USD $240 a year.

Please note that this service is only offered to my clients and it is not open to the public.