Maverick Keyword Researcher

The Maverick Keyword Researcher is a PHP web-based keyword research application that gathers keyword ideas from multiple online sources like Google, auction sites, search engines and shopping sites. To be released in 2010/2011.

Dallas Yoga Teachers Association

Dallas Yoga Teachers Association is a Dallas-based Yoga Teachers Association. They wanted a very simple web site and they provided me with a rough design and logo. What I did was to create a template out of the pictures they sent to me and made sure their site had all the features that they wanted. One of the things they wanted was to have multiple authors on the pages. Each author has a different profile and you will see this on each author’s articles.

Eliza Yeo

Eliza wanted a simple web site with a slideshow of her clothing range. I created a jQuery slider to display 5 of her designs without the use of any Flash animation.


CareSG is a Singapore-based social business web site that will be launched in the future. Therefore, all the screen shots you see above are all sample content. I used the Market Theme for the WordPress-based shopping cart but customized it to fit into the look and feel we wanted. The web site also uses the SmoothGallery script that creates a Flash-like slideshow without using Flash. The resulting code is very search engine friendly.

Sales Page Template

I agreed not to reveal the identity of this web site’s owner and URL. This is a WordPress “sales page” template that will be used for PPC marketing. This template serves as a comparison site for a couple of products, which is a very popular way of marketing affiliate products with PPC search engines. A custom made installer also comes with this template for mass replication of this template for multiple web sites.

Amelia Burton’s Fitness Blog

Amelia Burton is a fitness instructor from Sydney, Australia. Her old blog was on Blogger so we had to help her to migrate her content to her own WordPress installation. Although I did not create her logo, everything else was pretty much done by me. We created a “modern blog design” with space on the right for multiple square ads, which is the blog design preferred by many bloggers today. I also installed the popular “MooTabs” for her list of recent posts, popular posts and comments.

Petals and Co.

This is the web site of a flower business in Singapore. The logo was provided by them along with the pictures of their products. The pictures they supplied to me were not all in good condition so I had to retouch them to make them look presentable. We created the site with a lot of purple colours because purple is their corporate colour. This web site runs on WordPress with XHTML 1.0 Transitional code.

International Jeet Kune Do

IJKD.com was an revamp of their previous web site, which was created using old HTML code and files. I upgraded the code to XHTML 1.0 Transitional, enhanced the look and feel and reorganized the content. I used WordPress, PHPBB forum and Coppermine gallery to power the web site.

Internet Marketing Blog by Vincent Rich

Vincent Rich was the online alter ego of Vince. This internet marketing / personal blog was created by Vince in early 2004 to 2009 to share some of his internet marketing experiences. The blog was written in XHTML 1.0 Transitional code and it runs on WordPress.

Oasis Fanatic

Oasis Fanatic was created in 2002 as a community site for Oasis fans. There wasn’t any content management system that could do what I wanted to do on this web site back then and there isn’t any commercial or open source solution for a similar site today. I modified version 1.x of PHPBB into our own content management system for bands, code named “Maverick Fansite”.

Some of the features of Oasis Fanatic include:

  • Forums
  • Galleries
  • Reviews of members, concerts, albums, songs and pictures
  • Band time line, quotes and encyclopedia
  • RSS feeds for all sections of the site
  • Search engine friendly URLs
  • Points system for members to accumulate points for various ranks and awards

Most of the web site has not been upgraded to the XHTML.

I created the CMS to tightly integrate every section of the web site. The CMS manages virtually everything you see on the web site unlike other portals that use 2 or more individual PHP scripts, which are not very well integrated. The CMS was upgraded to XHTML 1.0 Strict code and CSS in May 2008.