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4 Pop Over WordPress Plugins

To me, a pop over window is essential for getting new subscribers to your newsletter. I have found 4 WordPress plugins that allow you to add a pop over into WordPress with relative ease.

1. OptinPop

This is a free WordPress plugin that creates a pop over window from a file. You need to create a HTML page with whatever you want to include in your pop over window and upload it to your web host. Although the options of this plugin are quite limited, you can select to include the “thickbox” effect, which “blacks out” the web page viewing area and focuses on your pop over window.

2. Popup Picker

This plugin costs $37. You get to create 4 types of pop ups with this plugin, which includes the “page peel” pop over effect. This plugin is pretty hard to set up and you also need to edit some HTML code to create your pop over window. For the price tag of $37, I think you could save that money and get a free WordPress plugin instead.

3. FasterIM OptIn

This is another free plugin. This plugin was created by a Thai guy and it has the most options of all the 4 plugins listed here. You don’t have to create a HTML file to get a pop over to pop up on your web site. This is great for people who have very little or zero HTML knowledge but creating your own pop over content in a HTML page has its benefits.

4. WordPress Pop Over Plugin

This plugin costs $9.95 then $3.00 every month for support. If there is a new version, you get it free as long as you pay the $3 monthly support fee. If not, you would have to pay $9.95 again! The price is putting me off this plugin but I must say it looks the best among the 4 plugins listed here. It would be better if the author added the “thickbox” effect. This plugin requires you to enter HTML code into a box. If you don’t know HTML, it will be a problem but it is easier than creating a HTML file, which is a required in 2 of the plugins here.

Which Pop Over Plugin Should You Use?

Try the free plugins on this post to see if they suit your needs before purchasing a pop over plugin. I have personally tested 2 of the 4 pop over WordPress plugins listed in this post. Of the 4 WordPress plugins my favourite is the OptinPop. I like it because it is free and I get to customise the look and feel of the plugin to my heart’s content.

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