Encoding PHP Files with ionCube Encoder

I started encoding PHP files of my site, Oasis Fanatic, a few years back when it got hacked. Thankfully, the hacker did not deface my web site or damage my database. He or she just wanted to use my web server to attack another web server.

Why Encode PHP Files?

I thought if I could encrypt the source code, potential hackers would have a hard time trying to decrypt the source code to try and hack the web site. Some people encode their source code to protect their intellectual property. Another benefit of encoding your PHP files is they run faster than normal PHP files.

What Do You Need to Install to Run ionCube Encoded PHP Files?

Encoding PHP Files with ionCube Encoder

You need to download and install the ionCube loaders on your web server. You may be able to contact your web host to install it for you. Once you have installed it properly, you should see a “with the ionCube PHP Loader” message on a “PHP info” page.

How Can You Encode PHP Files?

Encoding PHP Files with ionCube Encoder

There is an online option or a desktop software option. For smaller projects, the online encoder works fine. Fro huge projects, it makes more sense to purchase the software. It is quite pricey but it is a worthwhile investment if you use it often on one or more projects.

Encoding PHP Files with ionCube Encoder

The source code of your encoded files look something like the example above. It is not impossible to decrypt this but you would have to be very skilled and determined to do it.

Who Needs ionCube PHP Encoder?

Web developers, software companies and webmasters who want to secure and speed up their web sites could utilize this encoder. Try the online ionCube encoder first and see if it works for you.

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