Where To Get The Best Deals For Your Domains

There is no perfect domain registrar on this planet. Over the years I have purchased domains from at least 5 different domain registrars and I have compiled a list below on where I get my domains from today.

.ORG Domains

Reseller Club is my first choice of .ORG domains because they cost only $1.49 for the first year if you are a Reseller Club reseller. You will need to put in a deposit of $199 to open a reseller account. Once you have done that, you may create a customer account to buy domains at your wholesale price.

.NET Domains

RegisterFly is the way to go for .NET domains. During a weekly 48 hour promotion period, you will be able to grab a .NET domain for only $2.99. Check out RegisterFly’s Fly Paper every week before Thursday EST to see what promotions they have.

Unfortunately, RegisterFly’s system does mess up very often and I will go into greater detail about how to use RegisterFly without pulling your hair out in another post. If you can’t get a $2.99 .NET domain from RegisterFly during the promotion period, get it from NameCheap.com at $7.98 instead with the latest coupon code from Domain Name Coupons.

.COM Domains

I choose Netfirms.com and NameCheap.com for .COM domains because their systems are much more stable than RegisterFly. I am tempted by RegisterFly’s $6.99 promotion but for a $1.00 difference, I do not wish to go through all the drama to get RegisterFly to work properly.

.INFO Domains

RegisterFly used to have this crazy $0.60 .INFO domain sale every Friday morning EST. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Now they have increased the price to $0.75. If you’re only buying a couple of domains from RegisterFly, it would be manageable. If you plan to buy hundreds of them, I would recommend that you be mentally prepared to spend a lot of time fixing all the errors you get in RegisterFly’s system.

Reseller Club has caught up with RegisterFly with their “Mega Bargains Month” promotion. They are selling .INFO domains at $0.99. This is $0.24 more per domain than RegisterFly. I highly recommend you to avoid RegisterFly if you do not have a lot of time to burn. Just do a search on Google for “RegisterFly Complaints” and you will get what I mean.


I would normally avoid RegisterFly if I need to get my domains urgently. I used to plan my domain purchases around RegisterFly’s promotion period. Now, I simply purchase it from the alternative domain registrar as mentioned above.

RegisterFly is cheap but it comes at a price of your time. Everything that can go wrong might go wrong when you use RegisterFly. Their system is so crappy it is almost insane! In my next post I will detail how I use RegisterFly to purchase domains to get the most out of RegisterFly and to reduce my anger levels.

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