Keyword Elite First Impressions

Keyword Elite First ImpressionsTo be honest with you, I still cannot get Keyword Elite software to work properly. I have been running 3 different keyword research projects to build a huge keyword list but none of them could complete successfully.

I noticed there were 2 new Keyword Elite software updates today and I have upgraded to the latest version but I am still experiencing the same problems. I set the number of keywords to 5000 as the manual suggested and it just doesn’t complete it’s search.

Hopefully, my current keyword research project will complete its run. The software stalls at a certain point. Each project runs for hours! I can understand why because it pulls data from a lot of different sources other than

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On 28th March 2006 7:00 PM, keafolk said:

Its almost sacrilegieous to say you can’t get the marvellous and ever-glorified software to work.
The ‘support’ team don’t seem to have a clue. I can’t get zip out of it ! Nothing, and I think its my connection to Overture which stall with monotonous regularity. Would it be asking too much for these tech teams to get it right before they get there greedy hands on our hard earned?
A few simple steps – sure.

On 28th March 2006 9:13 PM, Vincent said:

I have the latest update and I think the software is finally working… I still cannot get the keyword list project to complete but I just use whatever keywords I have generated at that point.

I have not tested all the features of the software yet. It takes ages to complete the searches because there are so many keywords. I wonder how am I going to sort through 20,000 + keywords?

On 31st March 2006 7:04 AM, Mark said:

It looks very promising & this is what we’ve come to expect from Brad. I’m still waiting for the result to come on this product, I’ve saw mixed results so far.

On 14th April 2006 6:12 AM, Sally said:

Keyword Elite is working perfectly fine for me. It looks like your post is a few weeks old. Only a couple days after it’s initial release. The first few days, we experiences a few minor issues due to the newness of the software, but I think Brad has released at least 20 updates. And added nearly every feature requested in the forum. The software couldn’t be working any better for me. I’m a happy camper :-)

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